Welcome to fiznes.com! We are a pair of gym, fitness, diet, sweat (debatable) enthusiasts who want to share our love for fitness on our very own blog.

We are Jazz and Liam, A couple who have always trained together and enjoy trying new things and sharing our fitness experiences.

As individuals we have struggled, flourished and tried not to jump on every new fitness trend over the years and we are finally ready to share our learned advice to the world as transparently and honestly as possible.

We feel like the fitness and diet industry is filled with so much bad information and all of the top websites out there aren’t run by real people anymore. We want to share our tips, tricks and advice to real people from real people.

Liam and I have been together for some years now and been through a lot together as a couple. Having children, weight gain (for us both) and differing fitness journeys. I think we both are so similar in so many ways but we realize how different male and females actually are when it comes to fitness and although there are a few things we can both do that have the same results, it is important to know that we are still different and what works for me may not work for Liam and that’s what we are trying to teach.

About Fiznes

The female side of this blog will be all about me and how I tackle weight loss, muscle gain and other female related fitness trials and tribulations. I am just an average woman but I do enjoy challenging my body with sustainable exercise and by using things that actually work. I am so tired of perfection, I wanted to read about women who train, who face struggles and who want results, so I decided to do it myself and I am so excited to get started.

The male side of this blog will be all about the struggles in fitness for a male, whether that’s muscle gain, weight gain or even weight loss. It can be hard to find the best gadgets, advice and workouts and everything I talk about will be things I have tried and had success or failure with. I have been training for many years and I have had many ups and downs in the fitness industry, but I am ready to share these experiences with readers who are looking for real, raw, sometimes TMI advice on fitness.

All of our content comes from us and whether we are complaining about the latest diet shakes or talking about how awesome our new workout equipment is, you can be sure it is tried and tested by us.

Hearing honest and reliable advice is incredibly important to us, especially in such an online world.