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  • huy doing squats in home gym

    List of the Best Calisthenics Exercises

    Want to be in the best shape of your life? I’m talking high testosterone, low body fat, amazing energy and the body of a Greek god. This only happened once you cut out all the fake, overhyped calisthenics exercises and instead focus on the true core bodyweight movements. So, drop the barbell, leave the one-rep […] More

  • calisthenics gym witt pull up bar and gym rings

    Best Home Calisthenic Gym Setup

    I’ve now converted my second room into a full calisthenics gym for under $300 and it has everything I need to train my whole body using just body weight. More

  • guy doing yoga on gym floor

    Calisthenics Vs Weightlifting

    Finding out which one is better in this case study where I compare calisthenics, weightlifting and CrossFit to see which one gives the best overall results (the verdict is amazing and has completely changed the way I exercise) More